piano zen

Thomas Rheingans

Founder / Director

Thomas is a recording artist and composer and has written music for plays, musical theater productions, and independent films.  From 2005 through 2020, Thomas Rheingans served as the artistic director and lead performer for both the Encore Concert Series and Live at the Fries Concert Series that were based in Vancouver, Washington. Thomas has taught classical, jazz, and music theory courses at several colleges throughout the United States and has been teaching piano lessons in his private studio for more than twenty-five years.

Gary Carter

CEO / Marketing Manager

Gary has been at the helm of metro newspapers, magazines, and television news programs as well as a radio host and marketing manager. He has lead communications, programming, outreach, and facilities management for several large companies and public institutions, including large churches and a private university. He specializes in creative writing, design, and hands-on daily assistance to those in need in the community and those who wish to help those in need. And Gary continues to work with others to hone their message, whether that be in marketing or journalistic endeavors. He is a writer/editor/photographer/designer by trade, with more than 30 years experience in the publishing and marketing field. He enjoys working to build something great, whether that be a novel project, a start-up, an organization, a fresh-face to the journalistic world, or even something as simple as a short story. He is a native Texan and a Pacific Northwest convert, proud to call the Portland area home.

Jorge Tabajara


Jorge did his graphic design post-graduate work at Unisinos, a southern Brazilian private Jesuit university, receiving his degree from Lutheran University of Brazil (ULBRA). Jorge is an illustrator published in international books such as “The 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide” in Archive publisher and also in “Expose in Ballistic.” In the academic arena, Jorge serves as a speaker at some of the top universities and graphic design workshops. He also teaches digital illustration in the graduate program at Unisinos. From his home studio, Jorge illustrates for several large companies and market niches.


What people are saying

I’m finally learning how to play music in a relaxed state.


Never I had imagined that learning a sophisticated new skill like piano can happen in such a relaxed and enjoyable way.


It builds on a stress-free foundation which is enjoyable for both the pianist and the listener.


I can’t rave highly enough. Great course – a real gem.