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Twenty years in development, the Piano Zen Method enables students at levels to express themselves at the piano in a natural way and experience an overall sense of well-being through the balance of mind and body. This Method enables the piano student to discover internal inspiration and externalize it through their piano playing. The result: smoother, easier learning and more natural, expressive playing.

The entire PianoZen Program has five levels with approximately 175 lessons total.  Each new level builds on the musical skills of the previous one.  Each level has a downloadable workbook. You can practice on your own at any time! It is recommended that you take the lessons on an iPad or similar tablet device that can be placed at your piano. You can, of course, practice on your own at any time.

Level 1 contains 15 hours of piano instruction for just $50!  This is an incredible value compared to private piano lessons that can cost $50 for just 1 hour of instruction - a savings of $700! 

Level 2 builds on the basic skills introduced in Level 1.  Level 2 takes your PianoZen training even deeper with 32 hours of additional piano instruction! Students begin to explore more complex and mature sounding piano solos while learning to read music and improvise!

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