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Take Piano Classes Online for Free

Twenty years in development, the PianoZen Method enables beginning students to express themselves at the piano in a natural way and experience an overall sense of well-being through the balance of mind and body. This Method enables the piano student to discover internal inspiration and externalize it through their piano playing. The result: smoother, easier learning and more natural, expressive playing.


Each level of the PianoZen program builds on the musical skills of the previous one. 


It is recommended that you take lessons on an iPad or similar tablet device connected to WIFI.  You simply place your tablet on the music rack of your piano and practice along with the online instructional videos. Each level also has a downloadable workbook. When you do not have access to WIFI, you can practice on your own with the PDF copy of the PianoZen lesson book.

The current free beta testing is an amazing opportunity to study PianoZen lesson at no cost.  Especially valuable considering how expensive private piano lessons can be.


Please consider signing up for classes and giving us feedback during our extended beta testing phase.  

Level 1 contains 15 hours of piano instruction. This course is for the absolute beginner.  Level 1 builds a solid music foundation for begginers by introducing them to important musical skills.  PianoZen students also learn how to practice the piano using good mind and body balance. 

Level 2 builds on the basic skills introduced in Level 1.  Level 2 takes your PianoZen training even deeper with 32 hours of additional piano instruction! Students begin to explore more complex and mature sounding piano solos while learning to read music and improvise!

The training in Level 3 intensifies.  Students explore more advanced concepts in music notation, music theory, rhythm, improvisation, and artistic performance.  Only half of the level 3 lessons have been released. New PianoZen Level 3 lessons will be released each month. 

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