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Palace of Ubar

Rising from the golden sands, the Palace of Ubar is bathed in a warm, constant light that defies the setting sun. Located in the vast desert of the Empty Quarter, the Palace of Ubar rises like a mirage from the golden sands. Architecturally a marvel, the palace combines elements of Moorish and Gothic designs, featuring intricate archways, towering spires, and expansive courtyards. This palace serves as a hub of learning for the Air Element, where the mind's capabilities are expanded and honed under the guidance of Master Zari Rumi. At night, the palace is even more breathtaking, illuminated by floating orbs that cast soft shadows across its intricate architecture. The air here carries the harmonic echoes of invisible choirs and the delicate tones of stringed instruments playing from unseen sources, creating a backdrop that encourages deep mental clarity and contemplation.

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