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Bumble Boogie by William Longfellow Emerson

Hello music lovers! 🎹🐝 William Emerson here, burning up the ivories with a novelty solo piano piece that's sure to put a little extra zip in your day!

Introducing my recording of "Bumble Boogie," a lively mash-up that buzzes with energy from Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee infused with a spirited boogie woogie twist!

performed by William Longfellow Emerson
Bumble Boogie from PianoZen

From the intricate flights of a nimble bumblebee to the toe-tapping rhythms of boogie woogie, this piece is a musical journey that showcases my eclectic taste in music.

It's a testament to the vibrant and imaginative lessons I enjoyed with my mentor, Miss Rosa, the master PianoZen teacher who taught me not just to play the piano, but to feel every note with heart and soul.

Get ready to buzz along to the rhythm and maybe, just maybe, find your wings in the music like I did.

Bumble Boogie is from my album entitled "Caprice".

Tap the link below and let the boogie bee take flight! 🎶✨

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