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Ning Jing - The Wise Amazon Sloth

A gentle Amazon Tree Sloth who teaches the art of living mindfully. Dressed in a soft pink tang suit, Ning Jing resides in a three-story treehouse shared with Densho, Quetzal, and Ukumari.

Online Piano Lessons
Ning Jing's three story treehouse

Under the tutelage of Master Lan Suh at the Garden of the Awakening Orchid, she helps others slow down and savor life's moments. Her presence is a calm beacon in the bustling Whispering Woods.

Please enjoy a mindful greeting from Ning Jing....

Online Piano Lessons

"Hello, dear friends. I am Ning Jing, your serene guide through the lush landscapes of the Whispering Woods. As a three-toed sloth, I've mastered the art of slow and mindful living, an art I joyously share from my treehouse home in the canopy.

In the soft embrace of the Garden of the Awakening Orchid, under Master Lan Suh’s wise tutelage, I've learned that true peace comes from savoring each moment life offers. Whether it's the gentle sway of the branches or the subtle shifts of the forest light, every detail has a story to tell.

I invite you to pause, breathe deeply, and join me in this journey of tranquility. Let's embrace the slow rhythm of nature and discover the rich tapestry of peace woven into every quiet corner of our lives. Together, we’ll learn to live with intention and joy, deeply connected to the world around us."

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