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Shifting Consciousness at the Piano

Over the last forty years an elevation in consciousness has taken place. Through mindful contemplation and meditation, we have come to understand better the holistically balance between mind, body, and spirit.

Thinking and Awareness

As Eckhart Tolle observed…. “the transcendent dimension is already emmerging.” Tolle goes on to write that…. "the most significant thing that can happen to a human being is the separation process of thinking and awareness” Tolle defines awareness as “…the space in which thoughts exist".

Shifting Consciousness at the Piano

You can find evidence of this shift in consciousness taking place everywhere. For instance, if you walk into a book store you can find numerous bestselling books and popular magazines that highlight the connection between mind, body, and spirit. Many blogs and web-sites are dedicated to improving our awareness of self and its relationship to others and the surrounding environment.

In addition, the proliferation of disciplines from the East such as tai chi, yoga, qi gong, and meditation have also played a key role in elevating our discourse on consciousness in the West.

However, open and creative minded beginning students that wish to learn to the play in more mindful, meditative ways may be disappointed to discover that there are few alternative teaching methods from which to choose.

The PianoZen Online Lessons Embrace Mindfulness

PianoZen offers an alternative path of piano study for students that embrace mindfulness in their daily lives. PianoZen enables beginning piano students to combine an awareness of mind, body, and spirit while learning the piano.

One effective technique used in PianoZen is “Softening the Mind”. Softening the Mind is a suggestive phrase that helps students slow down the mental activity of their conscious mind. This act of softening the mind prepares the way for students to communicate more directly with the sub-conscious mind. A soft and flexible mind is a key element in PianoZen for learning to play the piano with multi-sensory awareness.

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