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Schinichi - Master of the Earth Element

Master Schinichi presides over the grounding practices of the Earth element from his serene home nestled within a Japanese garden in the Dream World of Whispering Woods.

Surrounded by tranquil pavilions dedicated to kintsugi, martial arts, and PianoZen lessons, he teaches students the art of connection—how to harmonize their body with their environment.

PianoZen Online Piano Lessons

Schinichi emphasizes relaxation and awareness of the body's contact points, such as fingertips on piano keys or feet upon the earth, fostering a deep, rich appreciation of life's tactile experiences.

Each lesson emphasizes relaxation and awareness, guiding students to feel each contact point—their fingertips on piano keys, their sit bones resting on the piano bench, and their feet rooted firmly to the ground.

PianoZen Online Piano Lessons

Through Master Schinichi’s guidance, one discovers not just the music of the piano, but the deeper rhythm of life itself.

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