Piano Zen Lessons

$14.99 / month

Join William Longfellow Emerson, your personal Piano Zen instructor, as he teaches you how to play the piano using the exciting and mindful Piano Zen Method. This program is designed for beginners with no prior piano training.  Adults, teenagers, pre-teen, and young children with adult supervision are welcome!



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Twenty years in development, the Piano Zen Method enables beginning students to express themselves at the piano in a natural way and experience an overall sense of well-being through the balance of mind and body. This Method enables the piano student to discover internal inspiration and externalize it through their piano playing. The result: smoother, easier learning and more natural, expressive playing.

What people are saying

I’m finally learning how to play music in a relaxed state.


Never I had imagined that learning a sophisticated new skill like piano can happen in such a relaxed and enjoyable way.


It builds on a stress-free foundation which is enjoyable for both the pianist and the listener.


I can’t rave highly enough. Great course – a real gem.