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Real World of PianoZen Characters

In the Real World of "PianoZen - a story of Wabi Sabi," the characters embody the warmth and wisdom that guide young William on his journey of growth and self-discovery. Aimee, William's mother, epitomizes resilience and nurturing love, providing a stable and supportive environment despite her own struggles. Rosa Carreño, not just a PianoZen master but a beacon of artistic freedom, encourages William to explore beyond the conventional boundaries of music, fostering his creative spirit. Professor Anthony Burns Montgomery, a repository of knowledge and an intellectual mentor, offers William insights into broader philosophical and historical contexts, enriching his understanding and appreciation of the world around him. Together, these characters form a supportive network that encourages William to pursue his passions and embrace his unique talents.


PianoZen Online Piano Lesson's

William Longfellow Emerson

Miss Rosa

PianoZen Online Piano Lesson's

Aimée Emerson

Aimee Emerson_edited.jpg

Professor Anthony

PianoZen Online Piano Lesson's

Misha the Himalayan Cat

PianoZen Online Piano Lesson's
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