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Three-Story Treehouse of
Ning Jing

Towering high above the forest floor in the Whispering Woods, the Treehouse of Ning Jing is an architectural marvel, seamlessly integrated into the ancient tall pines. Constructed from the woods' own timber and other natural materials, the treehouse features three levels, each connected by a spiraling staircase that hugs the tree's trunk. The first floor is a playful and vibrant space where Densho and Ukumari engage in their daily antics among hanging hammocks and swing ropes. The second level, home to the musical Quetzal, is adorned with natural perches and intricate wind chimes that fill the air with harmonic tunes. At the top, Ning Jing’s floor is a tranquil retreat, designed for contemplation and slow living, with open, airy spaces that are bathed in dappled sunlight. Each level has balconies that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding woodland and are decorated with flowering vines and soft mosses that add to the treehouse's mystical charm.

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