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A groundbreaking approach to learning the piano

PianoZen embraces mind-body balance to deliver a more natural way to learn the piano online.

PianoZen is an online program for children and adults learning the piano.

Whether you're just getting started or would like to take your piano playing to the next level, learn the piano using the PianoZen method developed by Thomas Rheingans, a concert pianist who feels equally at home with jazz, pop, folk, and contemporary music.

Through the use of ancient concepts about the Four Elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, PianoZen taps into the power of your imagination to make learning the piano more mindful, creative and enjoyable.

Candle in Hands

Slow down, learn faster

Our unique guided approach brings mindfulness to your practice, allowing you to learn faster.

Image by César Couto

Change your expectations

Experience the magic of self-expression when you eliminate the pressure and anxiety we feel when we learn a new skill.

Piano Practice

Enjoy playing more than ever before

When your mind and body are in balance, you gain deep satisfaction and enjoyment from playing the piano.

Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.


Kahlil Gibran

Ready to get started?

PianoZen classes are fun and relaxing. Get unlimited access to all the classes in your own time for for one low payment.

  • PianoZen Level 1

  • PianoZen Level 2


PianoZen the Novel

PianoZen is a story about an eleven-year-old boy named William Longfellow Emerson who takes piano lessons with a friendly but eccentric Piano Zen teacher named Rosa Carreño.

Kind Words

Join more than 1,540 students who have experienced the magic of PianoZen lessons which are a revolutionary blend of Eastern and Western disciplines.

"I have to say I am in shock and awe with this program. I went into this course knowing nothing about music notes, theory, keys. I knew absolutely nothing. I have just finished the first 2 sections and had a profound experience. I have learned so much in such a short period of time. The way Thomas teaches really hits you on a subconscious level and material sticks."

~ Bradley

"This is the most amazing musical course I have ever taken. It teaches a kind of discipline only achieved through patience. I have taken piano lessons from many different types of instructors, but the Piano Zen Method is by far the best I have ever experienced. Why? It builds on a stress-free foundation which is enjoyable for both the pianist and the listener."

~ Nancy

"And while in my enthusiasm for learning the piano, I've also enrolled in other great piano courses, they all tend to cover the usual styles we know and love. But Piano Zen is unique as far as course material. First, it's got a whole other vibe, which I was immediately grabbed by. I can't rave highly enough. Great course - a real gem."

~ By Jove

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