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A revolutionary way to learn to play the piano

PianoZen taps into the power of your imagination to make learning the piano more mindful, creative and enjoyable.

PianoZen Online Piano Lesson's

PianoZen Online Piano Lessons for children and adults

Learning to play the piano can be an intimidating and frustrating experience. The PianoZen method developed by concert pianist, Thomas Rheingans, embraces mind-body balance to deliver a more natural way to learn the piano online. It is a fascinating journey of self-discovery for beginning piano students as you learn to see, hear, and feel music in unique ways. 

Join more than 1,540 students who have experienced the magic of PianoZen lessons

"I have taken piano lessons from many different types of instructors, but the PianoZen Method is by far the best I have ever experienced. Why? It builds on a stress-free foundation which is enjoyable for both the pianist and the listener."
~ Nancy

Why learn to play the piano with PianoZen

Piano Practice

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If you are completely new to playing the piano, start with PianoZen Level 1. Get unlimited access to 15 hours of video lessons plus our Level 1 downloadable workbook.

Limited time offer:  $49.99 - usually $100.

Each lesson builds on the previous one. It is recommended that you take the lessons on an iPad that can be placed at your piano. You can, of course, practice on your own at any time.

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What is PianoZen?

PianoZen is a groundbreaking method for learning to play the piano that embraces mind body balance. 

What are PianoZen Online Piano lessons?

PianoZen Online Piano Lessons is an an audio-based instruction program spanning two levels using a specially designed 1,200 page virtual lesson book. The virtual lessons integrate audio and printed materials from the PianoZen lesson book with supplementary videos. The experience can feel like a piano lesson blended with a tai chi or yoga class.

Who should take PianoZen lessons?

Beginning students of all ages can take the classes including young children with the parental guidance, teenagers, and adults.

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